"Shauntel made my move to Seattle from Washington, DC so incredibly easy. I know without a doubt that my horse is in good hands and he has flourished under Shauntel's tutelage. I feel so lucky to have landed at Swanson Dressage." -Amanda Silver


“Shauntel is simply amazing.  I honestly don’t think I could have found a better trainer or team to be a part of.  When I met Shauntel a few years ago, I was a JR/YR at a critical point in my riding career where I needed a coach and mentor - someone who would be professional and critical but also supportive and yet hold me to a high standard.  I feel extremely lucky to have met Shauntel. She is an amazing teacher, exceedingly positive, and full of dedication and inspiration in the sport of dressage. Through working with her, she has given me access to countless experiences on many different levels of horses. My goal is to become a better rider each and every time I sit in the saddle and I know this is possible under Shauntel’s guidance. I absolutely love seeing the progression in everyone’s horses and their riding at our barn. It truly represents the vast amount of talent Shauntel has in both riding and coaching.  Her patience and kindness are visible, most especially in the happiness of our horses. She treats every client’s horse as if it were her very own.  Shauntel has become a wonderful friend and part of my life. I am beyond grateful to be a part of this incredible team. Thank you, Shauntel, as well as the entire Swanson Dressage Family for everything you have done for me and my horses. I know the memories and friendship will last a lifetime.” –Jena Wright


"There are so many moments that come to mind when I think of how I first met Shauntel Swanson. How my husband and I have known since 2006 she was a horsewoman and friend we could not imagine a day going by without having in our life. From her days training her grandparent’s thoroughbreds with her sister, to eventing, dressage and breeding experience, to building her own farms while in Oregon before moving to Washington Shauntel has the experience all types of equine situations. From a mare not quite feeling right and her knowing what to do, whom to call and when. It’s her eyes on the horses, all the time, to pushing you through a difficult moment or two in a lesson when all you want is a walk break, to staying late six days a week because tucking everyone in the right way, every night, matters. Shauntel’s first priority is the horses. Her constant care, comfort and dedication to their safety have always been the most important thing in her eyes. As clients, Shauntel creates an environment of support, positivity, honesty, safety and growth. Culling out in each of us what we seek as individuals, while always in the forefront what is best for the horses. Every day we get to spend with our horses is a blessing. I have never felt this blessing, enjoyed my horses, our barn family and the learning journey that is dressage than I have with Shauntel Swanson as my trainer and my friend." -Cathy VanMiert & Todd Riffle


“I first saw Shauntel about 5 1/2 years ago when she came to the equestrian center I was at to ride a client's horse.  I just sat on the bleacher mesmerized by this beautiful rider and how kind and gentle she was with the horse.  Shortly after that she moved to KGF as a trainer and I knew that dressage was what I wanted to do. Shauntel kindly took an older lady with no dressage training and a lovely large pony not well suited to dressage.  With her kindness and patience my riding progressed.  Eventually she helped me find a more suitable dressage horse so that my training could progress further.  She searched until she found the perfect horse.  One of her many talents is finding the correct horse for each rider.  She is not a one size fits all trainer, but has the ability to work with each client and horse in the way that achieves the best result.  She draws into her fold the most wonderful people and I feel truly blessed to belong to the Swanson Dressage "Family".  She instills group camaraderie and team support and we are all there to help and support each other in our own individual goals. There is no way I would want to continue in this sport without Shauntel.  The day she took me as a client I not only found a great trainer, but a wonderful friend as well.” -Marcia Scott


"When you have a passion in life, it is impossible to ignore, and begs to be developed, therein bringing joy and fulfillment.  Shauntel has enriched my life, beyond measure, with her positive, encouraging, “can-do” coaching style. In her giftedness, she is able to analyze a horse’s strengths, aptitude and attitude and then assemble a “tool box” for you to use, as a rider.  She then instructs you in “unpacking that box” with consistency and encouragement with every hoof beat, cheering you on in each victory as you strive to achieve a harmonious “dance” with your horse partner.  She takes a heartfelt interest in each of her clients and in their horses.  The horses are reassured by her graceful style and encouraging voice, yet have a keen respect for her talents and abilities.
I feel so blessed to be part of her team.  I have Shauntel to thank for helping me to fulfill my passion, which has brought great joy to my life. Thank you, thank you, Shauntel!" –Sue Teague

"There comes a time in your life when you really want to learn what you love. After riding for nearly 50 years in all sorts of disciplines, I decided to invest. After visiting many barns and programs, it was necessary to make the long drive north to work with the best. Shauntel is the perfect coach and trainer. She is supportive, kind, patient, and extremely talented. She has been able to work with both my sensitive and young Lusitano, and my very broken body to produce lovely results, no easy task! She is kind, careful, and correct, a rare combination in the "Drama Queen" dressage world. Her clients are supportive and friendly. Shauntel rides each horse in her program. She is extremely helpful when health issues arise, essential for us living far away. Watching her ride is pure poetry and inspiration. Taking horses from ordinary to extraordinary, she makes it look easy. Her experience and quick reactions at work help all of us and led her to a National Championship. One can easily see why I am so thankful to be a part of her team." -Elizabeth Klein